Python / DAQ for Android Installation

  1. SL4A Installation Webpage. To install SL4A and Py4A
  2. Py4Emant380.apk App to test EMANT380 Bluetooth Module. It is also used to download EMANT380 Python Driver and Examples. Files downloaded are:

Python Files

  1. Click on zip file to download example files to /mnt/sdcard/download folder.
  2. Use ASTRO File Manager App to unzip, copy and paste examples from /mnt/sdcard/download folder to /mnt/sdcard/sl4a/scripts folder

Alternatively, download and unzip the files to your PC and use the USB connection to transfer the files to the /mnt/sdcard/sl4a/scripts folder on your phone

Additional Python modules to download and install

The standard Android browser may not allow zip and egg extensions to be downloaded - you can either install another browser app or install the astro filemanager app which enables such downloads to the standard Android browser. Tap on the downloaded file, and the Python for Android app will be started to import the module.